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There are a lot of great computer monitors on the market and a lot of great TVs that double as computer monitors.

Finding a great monitor can really be a lot of fun if you have the tools to find what you need.

If you are considering anything in the 32 inch region then a 32 inch monitor is what you will be looking for.

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"If you’re into computers and software you know creating things can be a lot of fun. There are many software tools that let you print pictures edit photos and edit and burn videos. Playing with audio can be a lot of fun too. If you really want to have a good time though you should try creating a newspaper from a newspaper template. These templates can be used in software you probably already own- Photoshop Microsoft Word or a compatible editor. They are pretty simple to use. You just find a picture you want to highlight and then drop it into the frame for the picture. Or you find a story and copy you want to promote and you put that into the paper’s columns. Once those are all lined out you finish the other half the picture or the text. They can also be a great tool for school projects and kids. If you want to use a professional layout though for a business then there are a few things to consider. One make sure you include your logo. Two put in your phone number and website. And then make sure this newspaper template and report reaches all your share holders and customers.. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 super phone will be on sale in April 2013. This phone Samsung’s latest flagship phone is amazingly fast. In Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 comparisons it out performs the iPhone 5 the HTC One and the Blackberry Z10. It has a huge HD screen at five inches and is the fastest largest screen best camera and best overall phone on the market. Of course some will say the phone isn’t as good because it is made of plastic casing instead of metal like the iPhone but with a faster processor expandable memory a better camera and more pixels per inch the Galaxy S4 trumps the iPhone in hardware. The iPhone advantage is the operating system where Apple clearly has the market cornered for Apps and usability. But many people are wanting more from their phones now and Android and Samsung are delivering. How about the ability to use the camera on the front and the back at the same time NFC chips or eye tracking software? The Galaxy S4 has all of those plus expandable storage. All things the iPhone does not have. So protect your new phone with a Galaxy S4 case.."
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